Collecting knowledge at night for a better day

Many patients with sleeping problems are still in the dark when it comes to their diagnosis. At Somnilog, we aim to shed light on sleep disorders by providing a validated AI-driven P(S)G analysis, which offers sleep experts more space and time for their patients. Using our extensive expertise in epilepsy, we are now developing state-of-the-art algorithms and workflows designed for sleep clinics, clinical trials and research projects alike.
Not harder.
Somnilog works on a reliable (pre-) reading of the P(S)G data which will gain time and certainty in your clinical workflow.
In research projects or clinical trials, our algorithms can be used for standardized scoring for high volumes of data.
Smooth Workflow.
Easy implementation.
Somnilog offers a rapid, hassle-free service (independent of your hardware vendor).
Easy upload
Data is generated automatically through our desktop application and is accessible to your team at the push of a button.
Secured Cloud
Somnilog works in a secured cloud environment and processes data in compliance with GDPR and HIPAA. Implementation of ISO 27001 compliance is currently ongoing.
Fast reporting
The PG or PSG is processed in less than one hour with insights provided directly to you in a report and annotations.
Disclaimer: The Somnilog service is currently only available either as part of our internal development programs or for research projects. The results shall not be used for clinical decision making.
Our Insights.
Your Sleep.
Masters in sleepmonitoring
Somnilog's mission is to understand sleep more profoundly. We are sleep experts in a digital world.
Benjamin Wittevrongel
Benjamin Wittevrongel
Head of Research
Pauline Swaenepoel
Pauline Swaenepoel
Customer Success Manager
Jurgen Van Broeck
Jurgen Van Broeck
Partner - Advisor
Sarineh Keshishzadeh
Sarineh Keshishzadeh
Operations Engineer
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clouds of care & Epilog.
Through the collaboration with clouds of care, Somnilog can offer his customers a highly qualitative service through a secure and compliant environment.
Somnilog has built his technology on years of expertise with AI driven EEG analysis within Epilog and will continue to collaborate closely with each other in research and clinical trials.
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